Speed back

Avoid the defenders and get into the end zone without being tackled. You start with three tries. Score three touchdowns to earn an extra try. Use the UP, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to maneuver the player. Press the A key to stiff arm an approaching defender. Press the S key yo use your spin move to avoid a tackle. Grab the speed pickup for a burst of speed. Remember you can only use the stiff arm and spin move once per possession.

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SPEED BACK - Comments:
solita (17 June 2016):
cool game Cool  Cool
solita (17 June 2016):
This Game Is....ADDICTED Happy
manningfan337 (10 October 2015):
it's so fun
ko_hankinator (20 March 2015):
That was a great game!
mo760 (18 November 2014):
akingsley1 (15 August 2014):
awesome game Happy
renshaw (4 June 2014):
complete in 1 go Happy
bug6 (26 April 2014):
To easy  Sad

But still GREAT Happy  Happy  Happy
balazs (5 March 2014):
why did you make level 4 SO EASY?!
balazs (5 March 2014):
easy but sickage(awesome)!!!
akingsley1 (27 February 2014):
so easy Happy
NinerNiner (24 February 2014):
OUCH thats hard too hard  Sad
604444789 (18 February 2014):
best game ever 1000003
SKYLER (17 February 2014):
bigyoshifan (14 February 2014):
so easy make it a bit harder Wave
Sharkie_Kill12 (7 February 2014):
To easy
Arsenal123 (3 February 2014):
footballcrazy135 (2 February 2014):
its ok Clap hands
footballcrazy135 (2 February 2014):
i love this game! Clap hands
Lukitrea2900 (1 February 2014):
Its to hard Hmm...
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