Free Fight World Cup

How about a football game online (single or multilayer) to play without rules. You can choose between 8 National: Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina, England, Portugal and Korea.

Control Method:

Move - Arrow Keys
Attack - Z
Jump - X
Shoot - C
Pass - V
Switch Character - Space

Rating: 3.99 (589 votes) 3.99 out of 5
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fergus10 (2 April 2013):
France 3-0 Germany Sad
JackWilshere10 (2 April 2013):
i won with brazil
Seibert Soccer 3 (30 January 2013):
for some reason this is one of my favorite freekick games its simplistic and fun  Happy
FOOTY9 (3 December 2012):
i fot easy was easy not easy is hard Hmm...  Hmm...
backup183 (1 December 2012):
its a simple game with simple gameplay and well simply great fun
ChelseaLampard6 (15 November 2012):
In This game on the England team I know 2 players David Beckham & Wayne Rooney. But who is the other?!!! Hmm...
Cool kid (5 November 2012):
this game is too gud Clap hands
Cool kid (4 November 2012):
this game is addicting
Cool kid (4 November 2012):
i beat messi up vs argentina with england
callumf (20 October 2012):
this game is awesome could play it all day Happy  Cool
callumf (20 October 2012):
best game ever love it so fun could play it all day Cool  Happy
soccerfan123 (9 October 2012):
won 8-4
Footballrules (31 August 2012):
I Lost 1 2  Sad
angelch (13 June 2012):
hard @
korey66 (30 May 2012):
crap i would rather play with wee and poo ok Hmm...  Sad  Happy boring
wyatt784 (17 May 2012):
i go punch punch punch goal!! Happy
scott13677 (15 May 2012):
crap ok  Hmm...
ssj4abdulkarem (21 January 2012):
iwon with all teams  Clap hands  Happy
jad3n50100 (24 December 2011):
i was in 3rd stage
shadowguy08 (5 December 2011):
coool game 4.5 out of 5 Cool  Wave
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