My Soccer Kid

The creation station is yours in My Soccer Kid. Piece together your own top-form player, and paste his likeness to your own website. Choose from a wide selection of kits, backgrounds, hairstyles, faces, complexions, and accessories by clicking on the green arrows. Use this new avatar as a way of demonstrating your commitment to the sport of football. You can always come back to make additional squad members and upload them to your blog later.

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MY SOCCER KID - Comments:
ryider (25 December 2014):
this game is rubbish  Sad
aj575431 (23 April 2013):
not even a game
iBol1Ty (30 November 2012):
This game SuX >,< Sad  Sad
korey66 (30 May 2012):
i would wanna play with poo! too Happy
KoolMessi (24 May 2012):
my kid is a epic kid fam Cool  Wave
benbob12888 (16 May 2012):
my kid is epic
benbob12888 (16 May 2012):
nice Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
alex calabrese 2 (8 January 2012):
suarez1 (14 December 2011):
wats the code for hotmail
mckenzie12345 (2 June 2011):
it is wicked dude
waleed02 (31 January 2011):
Hmm... good
cocacola68 (30 November 2010):
i like it why not you guys Happy  Wink
K-9 (18 November 2010):
Clap hands dont get the game
adam ronaldo (20 October 2010):
i like it... whats wrong with you guys??!!!! @  @  @
Chicarito14 (13 October 2010):
I like This GAMMMEEEEE Cool
WAZZAfan10 (27 September 2010):
whats the point of it???? Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
administor (23 September 2010):
cocacola68 (19 September 2010):
i feel sick Sad  Hmm...
jjj (2 September 2010):
so boring  Sad
beno (27 August 2010):
i would rather play with poo!!!!!
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