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Laugh your heart out while Comedy Football brings you some of the best bloopers in the sport. Even if you're playing at the caliber of Dani Alves, you're bound to make a mistake somewhere along the line. Whether slipping on the pitch or crashing into one of the sideline officials, you can only survive the embarrassment if you're willing to laugh at yourself. Referees are no exception. Being human beings, you can sometimes spot them tripping over their own legs or performing unintended stunts of their own. Enjoy this hilarious series of spills and thrills.

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RYANLH919 (28 February 2015):
very funny Clap hands
Bingo5656 (27 December 2014):
really funny the player smashed the ball at the girls face she cried
BETTER (22 January 2014):
funny but stupit!  Happy  Sad
bAD Ass BALOTELLI (7 November 2012):
the amount of step overs the spas
vanpercie10 (6 October 2012):
awsome own goals Happy  Cool  Clap hands
Jacob Hitchen (16 July 2012):
funniest comedy ever and the bit where the commentaters where speaking to each other and the player gets hit by a ball! and lol!  Cool  Happy
Rammes-blut (15 June 2012):
mega stupid jokes Happy  Happy megamega funny  Cool  Cool
pinkyoshi (13 June 2012):
this is stupid  Sad  Sad
maabishek (10 June 2012):
very funny
Pie678 (20 February 2012):
Wave  Clap hands
Pie678 (20 February 2012):
0:46 never allow drunk men controlling strechers
cvbngmbv (31 January 2012):
hehehe funny stuff Clap hands
avfc4ever (15 January 2012):
oh my daise so funny  Happy  Sad  Wink
chelseafc123 (22 December 2011):
streit is so funny when that other manager headbutted him lol Happy
wbarocks (13 December 2011):
haha!! the man dancing with the ball 1:58 Happy  Happy  Clap hands
alfie123 (11 June 2011):
brilliant Happy  Happy
soccer rocks our world (21 May 2011):
this is very funny
dane100 (16 May 2011):
i laughed at 2:12
bilalkhan619 (4 May 2011):
fuuny  Happy  Happy
xD321 (21 April 2011):
Omg Lol guy doin handball in 1:45 Wave  Wink  Wave
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