Rooney on the Rampage

Your aim in this funny flash game is to play as Wayne Rooney and headbutt various players.Left click or press spacebar to headbutt players out of Rooneys way.Time the headbutts well to gain speed.Jump over the wall of players in the end by setting the right angle of jump.Left click or press spacebar to jump over the wall and headbutt Ronaldo into the goal!

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edjol123 (7 February 2015):
this game is crazy Hmm...
Taarabt7 (5 January 2015):
hibernain (14 December 2014):
shrek did it
spyro360 (31 October 2014):
the best game ever fat ronaldo took an hour to get into the goal  Clap hands  Clap hands
Josea (9 October 2014):
Cool i love this funny game : )
Clap hands  Clap hands
gabriel101003 (26 August 2014):
Happy  Happy very nice
jackzy (14 August 2014):
super game  Wave
xbot200 (14 August 2014):
too easy  Happy
vlad6575 (27 May 2014):
hard to jump
oreokicker50 (29 April 2014):
LOL epic  Happy  Clap hands
censedwriter821 (21 April 2014):
I won on the first i am a ninja at this game i did on my first go Happy  Wink
ivan192 (12 April 2014):
i win
Dannylarge9 (10 April 2014):
really lols
Connor manchester united (2 April 2014):
lol SO funny i chose this game cos my fav player is wayne rooney cos he in manchester united and i support manchester united  Happy
Really Madrid (23 March 2014):
Why he beats Ronaldo,can't he beat other footballers(for example Messi)
keato20 (23 February 2014):
i did not no rooney was a rager Cool  Cool  Cool
football12 (20 February 2014):
Sable (16 February 2014):
Once in ENG v POR Rooney did headbutt Ron, thats why he is to scared to go back t Man U... I think
BETTER (9 February 2014):
I have never seen rooney been angry.    Happy
Suarez786 (4 February 2014):
should be levels Cool  Cool  Cool
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