Booty Rider

Booty Rider it's a cool racing game where you have only a baby in bikini that can race for the big money. As you gain experience you can Upgrade your character and learn new stunts.

Rating: 3.39 (211 votes) 3.39 out of 5
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BOOTY RIDER - Comments:
alexander magoda. (7 January 2015):
pimp hit it (1 May 2013):
this stuing game  Sad
majej vydra (17 February 2013):
cool game i wish i owd it and my name is summerhilton Cool  Wave  Hmm...
footymadgirl (6 November 2012):
this is an alright game Happy
tashax (29 March 2011):
not allowed to play this on the kids school system :/ LOL
kimie (19 February 2011):
i winner yeah.... Wave   Cool
Brody86963 (11 December 2010):
this game is sexy  Happy  Clap hands my favorite part is when she falls off cause then she's naked!  Cool  Happy  Clap hands
hedz543 (26 October 2010):
Clap hands
mong1234 (25 September 2010):
a bit good Hmm...
wesdare (19 August 2010):
god game
england9 (22 June 2010):
its good
fairouz (7 June 2010):
hiiiii everybody   i'm a new in thes games Happy  
F1isMad (26 April 2010):
what  Sad
F1isMad (25 April 2010):
huh -100.73m/94010
rowland (5 January 2010):
ok ok
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