Stick Football - English Premier

- click on the team that you wish to represent and then click play.
- score point for your team by winning the match. The better your goal difference the more points you score.
- at the end of the round the team with the most points is the winner
- play a new opponent every week
- at the end of the season the winner is the team on top of the ladder.


- you can adjust your squad before play starts.
- during the match you can press T to pull up the tactics screen during the next break in play. Use this screen to make substitutions or change your teams formations on the pitch.

Use the arrow keys to control your players.
Tip: Holding an arrow key after shooting will bend or lift the ball...

Rating: 4.10 (2079 votes) 4.10 out of 5
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Stick Football - English Premier

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spartansrealist (4 December 2016):
this game is confusing wth
sjbanana (17 April 2014):
i won 10-0

liverpool vs norwich
sjbanana (17 April 2014):
liverpool gonna win the league irl
edjol123 (1 April 2014):
i love it  Cool
super22 (6 May 2013):
best game in the world on the computer. WON 8-0 IN THE FINAL Happy  Clap hands  Cool
Tarun Tej (2 April 2013):
not a very good game
starligth (24 March 2013):
I WON ALL GAMES UNTIL THE FINALS I LOST 5-4 Sad but i play good Clap hands
starligth (24 March 2013):
i gave Brazil 12-0 good huh  Clap hands  Happy  Wave
piaras (13 February 2013):
rubbish game its terrible
yo geez (22 December 2012):
8-2 me v tottenham i was skoke @
sami502 (16 December 2012):
A game that you can actually move all the players. Happy  Cool  Wave
bonnar (12 December 2012):
Stoke 2-8 Everton Jelavic all of them
Happy  Cool  
emanuel boss (10 December 2012):
mILAN vs pESCARA 5-0
ChelseaLampard6 (2 November 2012):
2-0 Chelsea v Man U Hazard 11 min & Lampard 80 min Clap hands
AravindBarcaLM10 (15 October 2012):
chelsea 100-0 manu Cool  Wave
liverpoolmylife54321 (14 September 2012):
worst freezes all the time
liverpoolmylife54321 (14 September 2012):
how stupid they had no goalie when i kicked it out they had no one to kick the ball it was good until that
messiman2012 (12 September 2012):
man city champion
Happy  Cool  Wave
ChelseaLampard6 (8 September 2012):
beat all 22-0 with chelsea
Riley123 (7 September 2012):
Cool Fantastic, funny game  Wave  Clap hands brilliant Wink  Hmm...
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