Table Top Football

Pit your skills against the computer or a friend in this cool foosball flash game. Each team takes possession of the ball if the ball if it ends up in a zone controlled by their player.

Rating: 4.15 (1575 votes) 4.15 out of 5
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Born2Rock (4 September 2016):
Greece v Sky, I (Greece) won 14-3
sanchez (22 August 2016):
goalkeeper is NOT good
joeyjoejoe123 (9 August 2015):
Best game ever Happy
coolman55 (29 March 2015):
defeated computer 27-9
Cescfabregas (30 December 2014):
good game
Wave   Happy  
thegreat17890 (11 November 2014):
amazing game
Mattytat (2 May 2014):
awesome game but goalies need to be better i scored as a goalie Happy  Cool
cjay898 (30 April 2014):
this is the worst game ive played in my intire life
sri 3232 (16 April 2014):
i have played table top cricket but this is totally different from it . Wink  Wave  
ARamsey (13 March 2014):
easy when you got a good curve on it  Happy
luisrivera109 (21 January 2014):
so easy  Cool  Cool
oa09 (11 May 2013):
keepers need to be better  Cool  Clap hands
shane1400 (8 May 2013):
Scored as a goal keeper  Happy
spain u torres (25 April 2013):
best of the best
KILLERZ-A (16 April 2013):
keeper is anoying thats all
slavko74 (7 April 2013):
won 5-1 Clap hands
I love this game Happy  Happy
jaden1121 (3 April 2013):
this game is too easy i won 22-0 Wave  Cool
tomgoerge9 (3 April 2013):
scored after 26 seconds
Darrenman55 (22 March 2013):
Sky v england sky scored after 11 secs
Darrenman55 (22 March 2013):
good but the goailes dive after youve scored Happy  Sad
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