Trick Hoops Challenge

Trick Hoops has only one rule: If you score, your opponent is challenged and must do the same tricks combination and score or he/she will lose one point. Same thing goes for you! If you go first, you will have to call your shot. Click on the track icons in the order that you are going to perform them. Position the ball on the spot where you want to start your trick shot.Click on the ball and pull to set the direction and power of your shot. Release to shot. If your opponent goes first or he/she is not challenged you must wait and watch his/her shot. If he/she scores you are challenged and you will have to do the same tricks combination and score or you will lose one point.

Rating: 4.07 (983 votes) 4.07 out of 5
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BYRD493 (11 January 2021):
its hard Hmm...  Hmm...  Clap hands  Clap hands
sammyguy (28 December 2015):
derek get better every day Wave  Happy
futurebasketballplayer (31 August 2015):
i dont think its good
sports4life (20 July 2015):
this game is rigged
RYANLH919 (12 February 2015):
Good Game But hard to complete
kajus525 (17 January 2015):
this game is boring Sad
Darren100 (12 January 2015):
Cescfabregas (7 October 2014):
rubbish to easy bad graphics simply rubish Sad  Sad
dannywanny123akadadon (20 August 2014):
this games is absolutely rubish
davidi123 (24 April 2014):
i wiiiin after 8 hours played
G-Money2 (15 April 2014):
cool game in balitmore
G-Money2 (21 March 2014):
btw best game in the world
REYNA (20 March 2014):
beat the whole thing Happy  Clap hands  Cool
dingdingthefox (6 March 2014):
Happy  Happy love this game
dingdingthefox (6 March 2014):
i won this game before hahaha
roccored (8 February 2014):
egg8874 (8 February 2014):
won whole game beasty game
KarinX (25 January 2014):
this a good game
robob123 (22 January 2014):
roccored (18 January 2014):
i always win yay we can comment again
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