Bumperball - Football game

It's football, but in bumper cars. Play against the computer, or against a friend using the same keyboard. Player One uses ARROW KEYS to control his car and Player Two controls his car with "W", "S", "A" and "D" KEYS.

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EvertonRocks123 (19 May 2014):
is this a bumper car or a racecar because one goes 5 mph and the other like 250      can u guess @
AGUERO777 (4 March 2014):
can't win Hmm...
jmwrighty777 (8 February 2014):
enjoyable and very hard i can win 8-1 in round one and only lose 4-3 on level 2 Hmm... but still a reat game Happy  Happy !!!!!!
manchesterunitedfan (21 April 2013):
this game is good.i got to level 24 Happy
joshua190190 (4 January 2013):
this game is a good i got to level 23
damani88 (5 January 2012):
2 player is pretty cool Cool
navgurchelseafc (4 January 2012):
i am the worst i lost to a 5 yr old
navgurchelseafc (4 January 2012):
It well lol Like Diary of a badman Sick laters Wave
liverpoolfootballfan (30 December 2011):
lost in level 7 again 3-2 this time
liverpoolfootballfan (30 December 2011):
liverpoolfootballfan (6 December 2011):
got to level 7 again lost 4-2 btw havent been on this website in about a year surprised i still remember my password. Happy
matthew0609 (1 June 2011):
cool football games Cool  Cool
mohamed13 (29 May 2011):
no.1 liverpool fan (15 May 2011):
i won all games  Happy  Clap hands but hard Hmm...
maslah08 (15 May 2011):
i like this game but i can be up to level three but it is the coolest game Clap hands  Happy  Sad
maslah17 (21 April 2011):
brilliant but very addictive
maslah17 (21 April 2011):
this game is tricky @  Hmm...
vaggelisbit (6 February 2011):
i'm the best!
michale ballack (4 February 2011):
hard Sad
ecudjoe (2 February 2011):
56 goals so beat that
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