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The aim of the games is to slam in as many goals as possible in 3 minutes. Each shoot is a free kick from a random spot on the edge of the box. You get bonus points for more skillful shots, so stick it in the top corner, or in-off the woodwork to score higher. To aim move the mouse below the ball (see the green dot), then click to shoot. Click and drag to bend the shot.

Rating: 3.11 (267 votes) 3.11 out of 5
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mohammad arquam2 (17 August 2014):
very bad games @  Sad  Sad
Bestgk5001 (22 April 2013):
good game but i'v palyed better Clap hands  Clap hands
abdul786 (23 February 2013):
watch how i'm going to  to win all the games
football321 (2 December 2012):
that was not good Hmm...
mmensah (1 December 2012):
it is very bad an  spends ur time  Sad
c.ronaldo79 (21 July 2012):
this is really hard and i dont like it 3 out of 10
messi1100 (1 January 2012):
bad game and boring Sad
safwan109 (31 December 2011):
i got 19072  Happy
rooney19 (11 December 2011):
yes i scored 1731:D
genji3036 (28 November 2011):
this is a on the best gamez............... Happy
jerome789 (28 May 2011):
1843 beat it Hmm...  to easy mate your rubish at this game
10eddiemessi (22 April 2011):
Lilging (16 March 2011):
its bob
ALI ALTAMEEMI (14 February 2011):
VERY BAD GAME  Sad  Hmm...
Hovo (7 January 2011):
@  @ OH! ES!!!
Good game
dark_shadow2012 (23 November 2010):
so do I C.ronaldo I  agree with anyone one says that it is rubbish and FG
christano ronaldo 753357 (1 November 2010):
i agree with anyone who says its rubbish Hmm...
soccerguy2 (28 October 2010):
boring est game ever Hmm...  Sad
dome997 (8 July 2010):
it is very bad Sad  Sad
man united is the best (3 May 2010):
1180 beat that Cool  Cool
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