TABIG - Soccer Ball Game

All you have to do is choose a location to drop the ball and then click the left mouse button to release it! To reset the level if the ball is stuck just press space!

Rating: 3.49 (208 votes) 3.49 out of 5
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benjohnson (20 October 2016):
is it good guys
TommyMUFC9 (11 October 2014):
Worst Game Ever
NIKE123 (23 September 2014):
this game is very very very  boring
Ajet189 (11 January 2013):
good game
heath (22 October 2012):
this game must be really the comments are very low
gabriel sinani (13 May 2012):
good games Hmm...
SOCCER IS AWESOME!!!!!!! (14 January 2012):
boring and super short i think it is TERRIBLE Sad  Sad
shoot1 (31 December 2011):
boring game all u do is click a ball then watch it Sad  Sad
wullbissett (26 December 2011):
amazing game
Pepsiguy92 (23 December 2011):
neds 10 more levls and i had 22 lives at nd Hmm...  Clap hands
Liverpoolrule554 (23 December 2011):
completed it with maximum lives
rangerswoooo! (28 November 2011):
only 3 lelvels what! it could do with 10  @
gkafouros (25 March 2011):
cool Cool  Wink
anoshamisa (20 February 2011):
i wone there game iam on level 1 again and iam going to win
oliver521 (1 February 2011):
I LOVE MAN U Wave  Wave
7200 boyz (8 October 2010):
cool game Cool
tomahawk (1 October 2010):
boring and it only has 3 levels
tasos200 (24 August 2010):
582  lives  Happy  Cool
peber (5 August 2010):
stupid Sad  Sad
kakag1 (2 August 2010):
pooo to easy
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