Euro Hummer Football 2008

Challenge other Hummer drivers for a match of football. You can watch the last goal from 4 different cameras by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 respectively. To drive your Hummer use arrow keys, press "spacebar" to shoot and "Z" to change car. Good luck...

Rating: 4.09 (1662 votes) 4.09 out of 5
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sembostor (15 July 2016):
very good game  Wink  Happy
Mostafa (30 January 2016):
I love this game XD Wink    
finian10celtic (23 January 2015):
best game ever Happy  Happy  Happy
Mohammeds (9 January 2015):
epic game Happy
blahblob123 (12 December 2014):
epic game Happy
Mohammeds (31 October 2014):
yo dezi i scored 33
hasbo (28 October 2014):
I won 12-0
Mohammeds (21 October 2014):
The champ is here
Mohammeds (18 October 2014):
spain are getting bad now
Mohammeds (17 October 2014):
goog game
DIEGO COSTA 123 (12 October 2014):
it easy to score Wave
IDoGaming (20 September 2014):
old but still a fun game Happy
Mohammeds (30 August 2014):
i did a no look goal
Cool  Cool
jjfthebro (20 August 2014):
i am greek go hellas go
saad7745 (24 May 2014):
The champ is here
BigAl (15 May 2014):
im from poland go polska
roare (17 March 2014):
nice game Cool  Happy  Happy
Dax12345 (5 March 2014):
I'm from from Greece and I play Greece-Austria 4-0 To Greece that's me!  Cool
Dax12345 (4 March 2014):
It's cool game awesome game  Clap hands  Hmm...  Wink
Dax12345 (4 March 2014):
Man all time I win! Happy
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