Ronaldo 2 Real

Mouse click and hold to pull ronny back release to fling him on his way. When in flight hold down mouse to flap your arms press space to activate your dive power.

Rating: 3.76 (987 votes) 3.76 out of 5
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RONALDO 2 REAL - Comments:
MexicanSoccerFan29 (30 December 2014):
its dumb Sad
benbob12888 (16 December 2014):
Hassan Ibrahim (4 October 2014):
great game Happy  Clap hands  Cool
Aryaan14 (22 May 2014):
who do u think is better: Ronaldo or Messi Hmm...
Gofootballforever (9 March 2014):
funny game Happy
adammerouah (22 February 2014):
im the best at this game
jared31 (22 February 2014):
ronaldo deserves to have his leg pulled pulled off Happy
snakestorm786 (8 February 2014):
it is a sick game
SPY@ttacker24286 (17 January 2014):
Ronaldo really deserves that
azanasif (4 May 2013):
its simple to get to london Happy
allstargirl200 (21 April 2013):
i cant get to london  Sad  Sad
fergus10 (7 April 2013):
My high score is 1372
tfgikl (19 March 2013):
Happy all im gonna say is true game
DatFootballerIsEpic (12 March 2013):
I spent  2hours on the sea lol  Sad
uzzyizsic333 (12 March 2013):
Can't get to london
zidane2002 (24 February 2013):
love it but cant get over the channel
zidane2002 (24 February 2013):
following on from that suarez to liverpool
manutdtillidie (5 February 2013):
baloteli to ac ???? do that one  Hmm...
Whispering8776 (2 February 2013):
cool game and i like it Happy  Cool
migit75 (1 February 2013):
good game Happy
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