Scooby-Doo kickin it

Help Scooby-Doo keep the soccer balls flying. Press the left and right arrow keys to move Scooby back and forth and keep him under the ball. Press the spacebar to help Scooby knock the ball back up in the air. If you hear a bell your trick meter is full. Next time press the up arrow instead of spacebar to keep the ball in the air and Scooby will show you one of his favorite trick moves. When you have more than 1 ball to play with they are allowed to hit the ground. The counter shows you how much time you have.

Rating: 3.86 (233 votes) 3.86 out of 5
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Visualities (30 January 2016):
Got 7930! Just spam like hell after 'Up'  Wink
oreokicker50 (29 April 2014):
Cool game 7210  Happy
fergus10 (15 April 2013):
My high score is 70
φινα (8 January 2013):
very cool and good game
angelch (8 July 2012):
awesome game got 1390 score Happy
arsenalsupperfan2003 (3 June 2012):
120 SAD Sad  Sad  Sad
MESSIHD (24 May 2012):
cool game Cool
soccerstar (4 January 2012):
igot 1250 Cool  Wave  Clap hands
i love brighton (4 January 2012):
good game i got 90 points its  Cool  Cool  Cool
united4nani (22 December 2011):
really good game i got 330 points Clap hands
loo272 (27 November 2011):
rubbish score 80 Sad
rooney 10 (20 November 2011):
beat my score 9126
ishaq123 (30 May 2011):
good game

ishaq123 (30 May 2011):
i mad 1000
mohamed13 (29 May 2011):
bets game ever Happy
parth (19 May 2011):
i like it 2
Afridi (18 May 2011):
i made 240
HH.HORID.HH (27 March 2011):
I hate it
ianward (21 February 2011):
im so bad Sad
rangersboy 21 (8 November 2010):
@ steven gerrard the king ! dont lie this games da bomb
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