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The point of the games is to score goals and to win the cup. In each round, you'll need to score certain number of goals to continue the tournament. That number of goals varies between 1 and 3 and depends of yours and opponent's club strength. TO MOVE: roll your mouse pointer over the player and move him around. Do it slowly until you accommodate. TO SHOOT: place your player somewhere around the ball and press (shortly) the left mouse button. The longer you keep it pressed, the higher the ball will fly, so be careful. TO BEND THE BALL: the same as for shooting straight, but while the player is running towards the ball move the mouse pointer to the side you want the ball to bend. You'll see a curved dotted line showing the direction of the flight. If you need any more info take a look at the help inside the game.

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mahdi10 (14 March 2017):
really dumb  don't play waste of time BEWARE  !!! Happy
wilkm117 (4 April 2013):
what a rubbish rubbish rubbish Sad game Hmm...  Sad
barca-messi (9 January 2013):
badest game in the internet Sad
shinipop shu (13 December 2012):
boring as hell Sad  Sad  Sad
thelionelmessimaster (27 July 2012):
I agree mcleanmaser, this game is boring and no fun at all :-(
FATION SAR (28 May 2011):
good game Clap hands
mcleanmaster (10 May 2011):
Boring BOring Boring how many times can i say it Sad  Hmm...
flashed (19 March 2011):
this sooo boring Sad  Sad
Joshzy (18 February 2011):
nice game
antonopoulos (7 February 2011):
the best game ever
888 (20 January 2011):
fi5ver (3 December 2010):
so cool but used the mouse it kills it! Hmm...  Sad
logofire10 (18 August 2010):
gt no idea howto score Hmm...
Fatimi (24 July 2010):
This is Haed Sad
heath (3 June 2010):
heath (2 June 2010):
this is boring coz not many people are commenting on it
SOCCERFAN (10 May 2010):
Mr.Fernandes (10 March 2010):
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