Obstruction Euro Cup 2008

Obstruction Euro Cup 2008 is an entertaining free-kick-taking game. Your goal is to place your kick-taker at the right angle to bend your shot out of the goalkeeper's reach and into the back of the net. Push your left mouse button to place your player, and he'll do the rest for you. Be sure to take note of the wind so that your shot doesn't fly wide. Select Dudu's Croatia or another European national team and see if you have what it takes to pass all of the levels in only ten attempts on goal.

Rating: 3.93 (283 votes) 3.93 out of 5
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Bingo5656 (25 December 2014):
hate it man   Hmm... and pretty good
roccored (26 May 2014):
won the game

danthedman (10 April 2013):
gAme is noT GOOD Sad
Sean(yy)2001) (9 June 2012):
the game is epic but need 10 tries for eatch level!  Sad
Ewanpenalty (3 June 2012):
Quite hard.
amplax (25 January 2012):
up to level 9 Wave  Wave
dlartey (31 December 2011):
level 9 so wicked and i owned it
Saif124 (25 December 2011):
if i had to rate this game it would be 10! Happy
Sir Hill (24 December 2011):
i dont like the fact that you get limited tries.
it does make it a challenge but woudn't it be better if you could have unlimited? Hmm...
Ivan1418 (17 December 2011):
it is cool and i was on the
last level
sincara13579 (6 December 2011):
nice game  Cool
C.RoNaLdO 13 (9 June 2011):
It Is VeRy Great
ke8096 (27 May 2011):
finished game  Cool  Happy  Clap hands
conjohn2302 (6 May 2011):
Cool Good Game Cool
lesco3 (29 April 2011):
Wave great
Marklar (27 April 2011):
3/10 Sad
chimpanze900 (18 February 2011):
Good game Clap hands
arsenal111 (16 February 2011):
0 of 10 it is 1mp0551bl3
ugly (30 January 2011):
didnotlikeit how on erth are u gonna score Sad  @  Sad sad
c.ronaldo23 (18 January 2011):
fun but hard Wave  Wave
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