Penalty Shootout Junkies

Click once to set the angle of the shot, click once more to set the power of the shot. After the shot, head for the goal using the arrow keys and defend the goal using the left and right keys. While holding left or right key, click one to dive and double click for the long jump. The one with the highest amount of points after 5 shot wins.

Rating: 3.36 (209 votes) 3.36 out of 5
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messi8888 (13 April 2013):
worst game ever Sad
$$Mark$$ (8 February 2013):
I fighted with the red guy Clap hands  Clap hands
UNITEDROCKS (28 June 2012):
i lose all the matches Sad
Meca (10 June 2012):
i won 7-0 ha ha Clap hands  Wave  Happy
Viking (4 February 2012):
not a good games Sad
liverpoolfootballfan (30 December 2011):
ok game not great tho
i love brighton (20 December 2011):
if you go up to the red guy and click on him you can fight im not lying!!!!

but this game is rubbish i lost 5-0 on easy bad game....!!!.i rate 1/5  Sad  Sad  Sad
dean20 (15 December 2011):
i  won 18-0 and won agian 21-9
dean20 (15 December 2011):
you can have a fight
dean20 (15 December 2011):
rubbish game sorry i say so
warcrafteli (8 December 2011):
this is stuppid game am sory all
BSCTribe (30 November 2011):
If you go up to the other guy and click,it will punch the guy and you will have a fight!! Try it!It's true!! Happy
l00l (26 November 2011):
trust me nice game in normal  but hard i cant even score soo just play normal Wink  Wink
taylorgreen49 (20 May 2011):
jackbray (6 February 2011):
i won 55.1
rawman13 (18 January 2011):
ok game
rey (30 December 2010):
MH6623 put it on hard if its too easy no need to cry about it. GD game
rey (30 December 2010):
hi Wave
jaymeT (16 December 2010):
easy but gr8 Wave
logofire10 (14 November 2010):
good game Clap hands   Happy
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