Euro Cup Soccer 2008

Take your team all the way through the Euro Cup stages and lift the trophy!

Rating: 3.99 (1912 votes) 3.99 out of 5
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EURO CUP SOCCER 2008 - Comments:
jw53555 (18 May 2016):
I love tis game
krystian (24 March 2016):
sweedy hiszpania fina  5..0

maruf71 (18 May 2014):
i won the cup 1000 times Cool
Mohammeds (23 February 2014):
won final 5-1 with spain vs germany
Mohammeds (21 January 2014):
in quater finals
Cool  Cool  Happy
Mohammeds (19 January 2014):
this game is cool Cool  Cool
wunpini (5 April 2013):
some cool game  Cool
Ronaldo11179 (21 March 2013):
ronaldo has scored
Cool  Cool
MESSI LEON (24 February 2013):
won final with spain score 7-5 cool game Cool  Happy  Clap hands
maruf5959 (23 February 2013):
i won 6-1 Clap hands
emmanuelhorrid (12 January 2013):
first time playin and it dosn't work on my apple computerSad
santtosh (6 October 2012):
cool game
arsenalsupperfan2003 (5 October 2012):
i love it Wave
jordanlee (26 September 2012):
isit penaltys or maches
rob (12 September 2012):
best in the world
joseph45951 (16 July 2012):
best game ever Clap hands
chucknorrisisawesome (1 July 2012):
I have not lost once in this game and I have played it about 200 times
Mealman (20 June 2012):
Good game.10 of 10 Cool
Ali3962 (15 June 2012):
i won 1-0 vs russia Clap hands
luke206 (10 June 2012):
I was Russia
Group Stage
1.Russia 9pts
2.Greece 4pts
3.Spain 2pts
4.Sweden 1pts
Quarter finals
Semi Finals
I won again that is how good i am  Cool  Wave
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