Run Ronaldo Run

Race an obese version of one of your favorite players to fend off Hernan Jorge Crespo in Run Ronaldo Run. Use the up arrow or click up high on the gameplay screen to jump. You can also use the down arrow key or click below Ronaldo to duck. Collect golden boots to give Ronaldo some extra speed, but burgers and sodas will only slow Ronaldo down. Consume too much junk food and Crespo will outrun Ronaldo, causing you to lose the game. Kick every ball you see. Missing just one of them will result in a goal scored by Crespo.

Rating: 4.03 (388 votes) 4.03 out of 5
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ChelseaAreTheBest (13 October 2015):
It is Ronaldo from Brazil the fat one okay I wonder how Crespo got the ball Hmm... Hmm... Hmm...
pokey (21 September 2014):
ronaldo is to fat Sad  Hmm...
manchester united rule (15 August 2014):
funny game but ronaldo is a legend he should not be put as that Happy
Hamiz (11 August 2014):
nice game Happy
kaustav chakraborty (7 June 2014):
boring game
saphirslimani04 (2 June 2014):
callum4595 (31 January 2014):
how is ronaldo fat
HondurasAllTheWay (6 April 2013):
Ronaldo had a diese type thing that made him gain weight thats y hes always chuby I LOVE RONALDO Tho so yea
zack10 (20 March 2013):
i hate this game, its rubbish Cool
Sotirov09x (6 February 2013):
I don t like this game so much  Sad
Seibert Soccer 3 (29 January 2013):
#gofootball is right we shouldn't play this ronaldo is one of the greats and he did go a little down hill but that happens to a lot of players and besides he got skinny again before his ankle retirement injury Wave  Happy
zane129 (23 December 2012):
this game is weird Hmm...  Sad
ridoni (20 December 2012):
Wave  it's very good game
pele25 (6 October 2012):
it weird and ronaldo looks nofing like that booo! Sad
Slaxer (1 August 2012):
great game and i also loved the song i was actually singing along with it Wave  Happy  Clap hands
harshpreeta (23 July 2012):
great game Clap hands  Clap hands
fouzi123 (21 July 2012):
ronaldo looks funny when his fat Happy  Happy
liverpool16 (3 July 2012):
run fatboy run!
HUNGabor (23 June 2012):
good  Happy
codrocks (22 June 2012):
does not look like ronaldo
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