On the Volley

Can you beat the keeper from the edge of the box? This is no simple dead-ball shooting practice;this is serious football. It's about vision, skill and timing. Hit the Spacebar or click left mouse to send the football in from the corner. The power-bar in the top right of the screen will then begin to charge up. Hitting either key again will then stop the power bar ready for you to kick the ball. Pressing the key a final time will make the striker swing for the ball.

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ON THE VOLLEY - Comments:
GoGunners2003 (19 August 2015):
Esseeja (1 July 2015):
It's good!
Esseeja (1 July 2015):
Ok, let me try...
City Youth (5 April 2013):
i hate this game its to hard Hmm...  @  
astonvilla! (8 March 2013):
this is rubbish only 1 goal! Cool  Happy
adam93633 (19 January 2013):
only when the ball goes past u then u can kick but u cant shoot
adam93633 (13 January 2013):
stupid game i couldnt even touch the ball
jack11chelsea fc (5 January 2013):
rubbish game my striker didnt even touch the ball cos it is so bad they shud delete it now! Sad  Hmm...
Juan Mata124 (27 November 2012):
This game is so addictive
Sad I HATE IT!!!
silkyswen (18 September 2012):
silkyswen (11 September 2012):
63!!  9-pointer!
silkyswen (11 September 2012):
So addicting!!  High score: 41
haydes1 (7 September 2012):
Wow What A Dumb Game Sad
rhysboy (19 August 2012):
good game  Clap hands my sarcastic face
eddy 2345 (19 June 2012):
Sad this is umbileverble is bad one kick miss two kicks miss what kind off game is this
LiverpoolRyan123 (6 June 2012):
rubish Sad  Sad
Shajen22 (13 May 2012):
worst game ever Hmm...  Hmm...
MESSI1121 (18 December 2011):
I will kill this game toataly crap Sad
prabjot2000@Hotmail.co.uk (24 May 2011):
no good
Cristiano Ronaldo9 2011 (30 April 2011):
love this game! Wave
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