The Big Hit

Smack down your greatest rugby enemies with The Big Hit. Like Nigel Plum, you too can devastate the opposing side with body-breaking, earth-shattering hits. Tackle early and hard for big points. Your player will follow your cursor. Release the left mouse button when your red arrow is within range of the ball carrier to stuff him into the ground - literally. If they sneak by you to score three times, your game is over, so read the play early to ensure there is no path around your player. Deliver the type of hits that will make everyone in the stadium shiver.

Rating: 3.84 (225 votes) 3.84 out of 5
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THE BIG HIT - Comments:
mojtaba.eslami (28 October 2016):
hi marion braimoh
Goalie101 (2 May 2015):
Good Game.! They need to add more levels though... Happy  Clap hands
mo760 (18 November 2014):
Sick game !!! Wave  Wave
LampsChelsea123 (6 April 2014):
my granny could complete it its so easy  Happy
benzema66173267673 (22 March 2013):
it is sooo easy to complete
M Saad Farooqui (23 December 2012):
I liked the game. It is hard to play. I completed the whole game.  Happy  Hmm...
coolboy628 (12 October 2012):
luv this game Happy
DetroitLionzManU (21 September 2012):
Yo! I gunna go awl gangsta awn yew Cool
mexicano123 (8 September 2012):
good game  Clap hands
messi rocks (7 September 2012):
nice game Happy
liverpool16 (30 June 2012):
awesome game 3260 Clap hands  Cool
Scorer (24 June 2012):
3010 Clap hands  Wave
Scorer (24 June 2012):
so easy Happy
marion braimoh (12 June 2012):
hi  Cool  Wave  Wave
Meca (22 May 2012):
it is awsome i never lose
batcooked (20 May 2012):
easy game rofl Cool
kelly0987 (12 February 2012):
I WON !! Happy  Wink
wullbissett (9 February 2012):
wow great game  Wave  Clap hands
wullbissett (8 February 2012):
amazing Happy
271b7d76 (30 January 2012):
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