City Soccer Shootout

Lauren and Vida are having a friendly free-kick competition. Select either player and win the contest by scoring more goals then your friend.

Rating: 3.42 (487 votes) 3.42 out of 5
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lionel messi543 (27 April 2014):
triple easy but boring and the worst booh
:thin k:  Sad  Sad
supermessi10 (11 May 2013):
i hate this Sad
messiTheLegendOfBarca10 (28 April 2013):
how do u control this game  Hmm...
Jamo100 (28 April 2013):
william717 (10 April 2013):
crap game cant even control it
yungboy (25 November 2012):
i think the game is cool because am about to play it
mohammedbob38 (12 August 2012):
not the best game but in a way awsome and it's to easy      
Anees786Raja (22 January 2012):
AWSOME GAME...................I GOT TO LEVEL 4.................Happy
fahdjeremy (18 May 2011):
not bad but i liked the chics...
menbob (14 February 2011):
so so game Hmm...
salvador5555 (12 February 2011):
waffles1112 (29 January 2011):
weird game Hmm...
ugly (23 January 2011):
man the worstttttt gameit is but de girls are hot
mckenzie12345 (18 November 2010):
this is easier than swimming i can swim am in the  deep end
neeru.raj93 (25 October 2010):
rubbish Sad  Hmm...
neeru.raj93 (25 October 2010):
toooo slow
Humza England (10 September 2010):
stupidest game ever
THE SPARK (6 August 2010):
so easy and yet so rubbish than ever Sad
33moon (14 July 2010):
actually i hate it it's kinda boring when i said the thing i sad before i was lying Sad
33moon (14 July 2010):
not the best game but in a way awsome and it's to easy Happy  Sad  Wink
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