Crash Course Football

Football gets automotive in this bumper-crunching game. Use the cursor keys to drive around the pitch, and switch to your nearest team mate if you're left wheel-spinning at the other end.

Rating: 3.97 (784 votes) 3.97 out of 5
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Crash Course Football

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daniel08 (18 April 2013):
the best! Clap hands
rooy3008 (20 March 2013):
was a great game but now says i need adobe plug in  Sad
TH-6853 (17 March 2013):
I beat Brazil with England in the final 11/10 Happy
chelseafan1905 (11 February 2013):
i cant play it missing plug in Sad  Sad
willy (11 January 2013):
good game
liam6542 (8 January 2013):
awesome game  Clap hands  Cool
ARSENAL RULE!!! (25 December 2012):
Second best game ever! The best is World Cup Kicks! Try it.
azza84 (16 December 2012):
awsome game
Garza (29 September 2012):
2nd favorite game! Awesome!!! Wave
Benyo123 (24 September 2012):
Awesome game 10/10 Clap hands
ernie245 (18 September 2012):
good game Wave  Cool
Pedro1999 (1 July 2012):
13 - 0
Portugal v Italy!!
rooney12952 (23 May 2012):
Johnpavel (25 January 2012):
i won 6-1
avfc4ever (15 January 2012):
easy man portugal got thrashed 7-1 Cool
naisharn (21 December 2011):
way to easy i bet u even a 4 year old could win Cool
wwwid (11 June 2011):
it is hard Hmm...  Hmm...
sheen123 (5 June 2011):
4-o yes Happy  i won i was england   Wink 10/10
sk8boy09 (30 May 2011):
this is fun
jerome789 (28 May 2011):
2-0 brazil spain i was brazil
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