Precision Penalties

Precision Penalties is a cool penalty shootout soccer game. Click your cursor somewhere in the goal as the bar at the bottom of the gameplay screen hits that green sweet spot. Upon pinpointing where you want to fire your shot, the game will zoom in on the ball to allow you to determine the spin you put on it. Clicking closer to the center of the ball will give it less curl, but perhaps you're trying to "bend it like Beckham" into the far corner. In that case, don't delay too long in deciding where to smack your foot against the ball. Failing to set the spin in time will result in a missed shot.

Rating: 3.32 (309 votes) 3.32 out of 5
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coolman55 (1 July 2015):
2.92 out of 5 it is okay but there is definitly better
Hassan Ibrahim (28 March 2015):
robert50 (26 January 2014):
its an alright game and I am amazing at it Wink
TheKidWonder00 (24 December 2012):
highest 3074
steakdog (27 November 2012):
okay game Hmm...
Cool kid (5 November 2012):
okay my score is 1642 @
EdenHazard99 (2 October 2012):
seriously that is awful.  
micahwolf88 (22 August 2012):
i scored 3910
ahmadSANEH (11 July 2012):
worst game iv everd playd  Sad
mark2012 (18 June 2012):
thats a cool game,528 points    SICKAGE Clap hands   Clap hands IM A :|]
Yajus (14 June 2012):
hell Sad
manchestercity (16 May 2012):
boring Sad
JJ23 (25 January 2012):
Hernandez14 (9 June 2011):
5/10 boring! Sad
bubu10 (30 May 2011):
lionel boy is rhight
lionelboy (14 March 2011):
this  the  worst  game   ever Sad
Rex35 (15 January 2011):
Loaf24680 (28 November 2010):
okay............. Sad
Javier Hernandez (12 November 2010):
It's Okay, not that good.
braders (20 February 2010):
rubish  Cool
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