Free Kick Madness

Bend the ball beyond the wall and into the back of the net like the legendary Juninho Pernambucano in Free Kick Madness. To aim, use your keyboard's directional arrows. Hold down the spacebar to determine the power and lift you put behind the ball. Fire just right, and you'll add a point to your total score. Challenge yourself to score twenty goals in twenty tries. Be sure to place each shot just out of the keeper's reach by taking note of the wind. Free Kick Madness does get more challenging, as the goals you score will result in a larger defensive wall during the following free kicks.

Rating: 3.90 (359 votes) 3.90 out of 5
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karan chandwani (31 May 2016):
i scored's awesome
its very easy Happy
karan chandwani (30 May 2016):
i love this game!i scored 12 goals! Wink  Wink  Cool
abshir (7 February 2014):
goalkeper is cool man  Hmm...  Hmm...
HUNGabor (14 September 2012):
10 goals
matt1425 (3 July 2012):
9 goals  Wink
angelch (18 June 2012):
boring and hard game Happy  @
super rangers (16 June 2012):
cool game
Ewanpenalty (3 June 2012):
Mohammeds (10 May 2012):
good game
amelia1884 man u (13 February 2012):
I got 20 goals and I'm a girl lol Cool
amelia1884 man u (13 February 2012):
Man u are the best top of the class Wink
oso09 (5 February 2012):
gess wut i won a medle at my school
apanoup123 (23 January 2012):
i soccer 9 goals
pete31999 (10 January 2012):
NOT bad 6 goal  M8  Wink
pete31999 (10 January 2012):
not bad 6 goal Wink  Wink
john cena 3000 (26 December 2011):
20 goals with 20 shots Happy  Cool  Clap hands
cvbngmbv (5 December 2011):
Its good  Sad
Lilar (17 November 2011):
Cool iSo easy
death briger (29 May 2011):
19 goals
blaze (24 April 2011):
im so good at this game Cool
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