Fifa World Cup Shootout

Use your mouse and point on the goal net where you want to aim your kick. Click on the power bar to select the power of your shot. The harder you want to kick, the higher on the power bar you should select. When you zoom into the football click on the ball to select the spin.

Rating: 3.67 (690 votes) 3.67 out of 5
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LackadaisicalThunderXD (3 May 2014):
18975 on my 1st try
PLAYBOY4LIFEDUDE (6 April 2014):
Yo this game is off the hock. If ye recognise me I'm from pixil gun and worldcraft Cool  Happy  Wave
ciaran9876 (13 April 2013):
awsesome game my score was 123787
arunsangam (2 April 2013):
cool ,awesome ,sometimes awful,terrible Wave  Clap hands   Wink
ukluke (15 January 2013):
cool game really fun and a good game to play to kill some time Wave
φινα (11 January 2013):
nice game Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
Goonerz0101 (12 December 2012):
good game Wink  Wink
VanPersie31 (12 September 2012):
good game Happy
Ewanpenalty (3 June 2012):
Nice game.
littlemexican10 (21 May 2012):
i got 32165
psw arnold love anita (17 May 2012):
good games  Clap hands  Clap hands
Shajen22 (13 May 2012):
games ok  Clap hands
Kevin20 (13 May 2012):
good game'
Controle (9 February 2012):
22934 goal accuracy 94%
Target Accuracy 68% Cool
jamesfiore (21 January 2012):
i got 47896
mohammed kasim (20 January 2012):
only if it was man u it would be better
yusuf8888 (7 January 2012):
new score 14341 =round 21 (played again )
SoccerRonaldo522 (5 January 2012):
1300 first time   then in my second one  60958  Wave  Happy
mrmuncher (30 December 2011):
round 15 target accuaracy 6% hotspots 0 goal accuaracy 83%  Clap hands
Messi120 (25 December 2011):
I scored 2,985
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