Crossbar Challenge

Demonstrate that you are a rising star with great potential, much like Alex Mowatt of Leeds United, in Crossbar Challenge. From a great distance across the pitch, launch the ball according to the power and direction of the wind to kiss the ball against the woodwork. Just click anywhere within the gameplay screen to determine the direction and power to your kick. Putting too much strength behind your kick when the wind is at your back will send your shot sailing over the goal. If you can get your kicks anywhere near the crossbar, expect some enthusiastic praise.

Rating: 3.70 (494 votes) 3.70 out of 5
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coronaldo123 (6 March 2020):
sowangyu100 nope
mo760 (22 October 2016):
sick Happy  Happy
alexiswag12 (9 May 2016):
EvertonRocks123 (2 January 2015):
i got 5 but should have gotten 7 because the wind changed on me 2 twice and it would have hit both times!!! Clap hands  Hmm...  Happy
Yutu786 (5 April 2014):
not the best game (26 March 2014):
hit all 10 times easy as pie
qwertyrst1 (1 February 2014):
i scrored 1
hunte022 (5 May 2013):
i hit it once Happy
2old4this (5 April 2013):
I dont understand this game. Sad
Liverpool2005 (24 January 2013):
crap game, but i hit the cross bar once Wink  Sad
Diamond Jubilee (20 January 2013):
This A Crossbar Challenge Game You Know What They Say I Going To Playing For Manchester United Then Arsenal Then Liverpool And Chelsea And Sunderland And Spurs Then Leeds United Then West Ham And Wolves And Norwich And Newcastle And Derby Good Luck Happy  Clap hands
beast190 (11 January 2013):
Cool  i like thi game 7 goals
spikelfc (28 December 2012):
I got 1 with Liverpool
jas1764 (20 December 2012):
Tara10257 (16 December 2012):
nice game
David Beckham100 (16 December 2012):
very tricky i scored 0 nothing but still is a good game
EvilMessi123 (23 October 2012):
Challenging Crossbar Challenge you got there. This is a great game for Crossbar Challenge fans, (I'm one of them) so i give this a 8/10!  Wink
MESSI_ROCKS (20 August 2012):
only got 2  Sad
MESSI_ROCKS (20 August 2012):
good game but hard Sad
salahuldin (9 July 2012):
gd game
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