Knife Throw

Your objective here is to hit these targets on the wheel by knife throwing before you run out of knives. Closer you you hit Knancy (but not her) more points you will get. Take care not to hit Knancy. She's a real whiner and will surely let you know if your aim is off. In addition, you'll be penalized score and her health (even her life) whenever your dagger dents her. It can teach you how to throw a knife.

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KNIFE THROW - Comments:
AshleyB52 (11 October 2020):
love this game so fun lol i think its actually set to fail Happy  Happy  Happy
katie123 (22 March 2015):
funny game Wave
sneezy77 (8 October 2014):
lovin it
man160 (30 August 2014):
fun game Clap hands  Clap hands  Hmm...
abdul786 (27 May 2014):
jahonna102 (6 April 2014):
I got 500 Clap hands
awsomeray6 (28 January 2014):
hard game ''hit her in heart''
polo (22 February 2013):
i killed her  Sad
kieron the captain (10 February 2013):
ok game
has and alf (13 January 2013):
THIS Game is boss Happy  Wink  @
bobi07 (7 January 2013):
i killed her from the ........  and the eye and the throat and the heart
786 CHELSEA 786 (2 December 2012):
Excellent game  Cool
lolipop911 (26 November 2012):
this is kinda hard but realy fun Clap hands
rastermaster (3 November 2012):
i always play this game i think its brilliant no not really spectaculer Wink  Wave  Cool
mcena (10 October 2012):
Clap hands  Clap hands love this game
abziscool264 (29 September 2012):
this game is so harsh but funny lol Happy  Happy
evanball (3 September 2012):
i keep killing her  Sad  Hmm...
FOOTBALL LEGEND (3 September 2012):
this game is anoying
Fcbarcelona-arsenalFc_fAn (30 August 2012):
woops looks like it isnt a woman anymore  Happy  Happy  Happy
diamond304619 (23 August 2012):
bit harsh but i love Happy  Sad
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