Heatwave Racing

This is NASCAR racing game so drive as fast as you can! Press spacebar for a nitro boost.

Rating: 3.10 (786 votes) 3.10 out of 5
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astonvilla151 (10 May 2014):
lovley bob Cool
CounterPwnage (1 May 2013):
I Cant Play Because i don't Adobe Shockwave  Sad
But still it's 09/10
Jonyboypro (11 February 2013):
great game! Happy
Jonyboypro (10 February 2013):
I used to play this game when i was about 7 and i was pro but now i am rubbish but still awesome game! Happy
diego777 (12 December 2012):
Wave 3> game
yungboy (29 November 2012):
sheen 123 i dont think u make sense Hmm...
Soumyajit2010 (23 August 2012):
Very good game Wink
jaheem (13 June 2012):
the light green car cheats so i smashed him and he stayed up side down and i was happy Happy  Happy
ironman7785 (6 June 2012):
I won 100 racees came 2st 99 time cool rightWave
--liverpool-- (6 June 2012):

seamus2002 (25 May 2012):
i really love this game
ironman7785 (19 May 2012):
Great game I love it!
tomija2012 (15 May 2012):
nice game and easy  Wave
polli (12 May 2012):
i am awsome
mohamoud (4 January 2012):
great game and nice Clap hands  Cool
jarad109 (11 December 2011):
Clap hands i love this game thank you for amkingh this game]
scott97 (27 November 2011):
10/10 but i'm crap
sprky098m (25 November 2011):
is the best Cool
uzair123 (2 June 2011):
class games 1/10
daus (23 January 2011):
not bad gamne Happy
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