Uphill Rush

Race your bike, truck, quad or skateboard over hills and obstacles and finish each level without falling. Use the arrow keys and space bar to race bikes. Very Cool Game, Enjoy!

Rating: 3.47 (851 votes) 3.47 out of 5
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UPHILL RUSH - Comments:
Hasanm786 (30 June 2016):
Badd Gamme!!! after 3years still playin Fam!!!!
jaimen (3 August 2014):
love game lol
Woodcoombe Youth (27 April 2014):
not the best  Wink  Wink
Sharknado (12 April 2014):
Im bad
kiasachmein (30 March 2014):
i can beat every one at this game  Happy  Wink
Ibrahimovic_890 (29 March 2014):
love it
niga (26 February 2014):
its great
RADIUS KILL3R (26 February 2014):
this is a sick game Cool
Taarabt7 (23 February 2014):
I've played this game before on that it is better Sad
peter123 (9 May 2013):
boring game Sad
kishan123 (27 April 2013):
boring game i wan 18 cups
dj kidd (25 April 2013):
i keep losen Sad
jonnythebeast177 (6 April 2013):
incredible game  Wave  Wave
naavym (6 April 2013):
this is so good
hasan187 (4 April 2013):
van persie 10 (28 March 2013):
I could beat you Devkrishna
lost (22 February 2013):
Always on the strike
FeeD M3 Mor3 (11 February 2013):
good game
nice game
great game
d1716 (1 February 2013):
amazing game
sebastianlegand123 (28 January 2013):
great game Clap hands
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