Football Volley Challenge

Football Volley Challenge will test your finishing abilities. Use the directional arrows to shift across the pitch. Press spacebar when an opportune shot opens up. Firing too early will pull the ball left, and swinging your leg at the ball late will sail it to the right. When your timing is terrible, you might miss the ball completely, which is embarrassing to everyone! Get some shots on goal, and onlookers will rank you among the likes of Diego Milito. With so many defenders and a clever goalkeeper in your way, tapping in your teammate's cross is no easy feat.

Rating: 3.34 (412 votes) 3.34 out of 5
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coolman55 (1 July 2015):
this game is a 2.48 out of 5 I got 32.991
nathanwet (27 May 2014):
boom 3150 Happy  Wink  Clap hands gg
CR7 is BOSS!! (8 April 2014):
Today i scored a boss top corner volley Happy
CraigFarrell (6 March 2014): 34.711
massep (30 April 2013):
cool i don't miss  Cool
goku9870 (10 April 2013):
excellent game Clap hands  Clap hands
DatFootballerIsEpic (19 March 2013):
Worse game ever! Sad
Mohammeds (31 January 2013):
good game
realfaadil (20 January 2013):
It is not  fair it is very hard
mrm waffy (20 December 2012):
i got 10450
ROONEY!! (14 October 2012):
decent game
Andre_719 (21 July 2012):
It wasn't that fun! Hmm...  Sad
Aaron.Croke (13 July 2012):
just did got 94,763
Jacob Hitchen (16 June 2012):
I have to score against my favorite team everton fc
pinkyoshi (13 June 2012):
this is the same as dkicker but harder and worse
Ewanpenalty (1 June 2012):
Good but old.
rocket65 (24 December 2011):
dont try this at home kid u will be kicking glass and vases
rirk (24 December 2011):
i made 90 876 beat that Cool
cheeky_monkey09 (23 December 2011):
addicting game
cheeky_monkey09 (23 December 2011):
i got 89,794 hahahaha try beat that Cool  Wave    Clap hands
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